A list of courses closely related to the Lab's focus.

Introduction to Modern Cryptography (INFR11131)

Cryptography is the formal study of the notion of security in information systems. The course will offer a thorough introduction to modern cryptography focusing on models and proofs of security for various basic cryptographic primitives and protocols including key exchange protocols, commitment schemes, digital signature algorithms, oblivious transfer protocols and public-key encryption schemes. Applications to various problems in secure computer and information systems will be briefly discussed including secure multiparty computation, digital content distribution, e-voting systems, digital payment systems, cryptocurrencies.

Introduction to Modern Cryptography

Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers (INFR11144)

Blockchain technology and distributed ledgers have been hailed as a turning point in scaling information technology services at a global level. Although the digital currency Bitcoin is the best-known Blockchain application today, the technology is set to play a much broader role in cyber security innovation. This course is an introduction to the design and analysis of blockchain systems and distributed ledgers and is meant to be taught in parallel to the Introduction to Modern Cryptography course of the same level (INFR11131) every other year (with the latter course as a prerequisite or co-requisite).

Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers

PhD Positions

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