Information about our ongoing and past research projects.

Edinburgh Decentralisation Index (EDI)
September 2022 - August 2025

The Edinburgh Decentralisation Index (EDI) project aims to define and measure blockchain decentralisation in a systematic way. The EDI will be used by regulators, developers, and blockchain users alike for different purposes. For instance, regulators can use it to help decide whether a cryptocurrency constitutes a security. Developers and users can use it to decide which chain is safer to build and use applications.

SyRA Signatures: Enhancing Privacy and Sybil Resistance in Digital Identity Systems
May 2022 - June 2027

This project introduces the SyRA (Sybil-Resilient Anonymous) Signatures, a novel cryptographic method that enables users to create unlinkable pseudonyms and issue digital signatures without revealing their identity. It ensures that each user can have only one pseudonym per context while maintaining complete anonymity. The technology is based on advanced cryptographic principles. SyRA Signatures are ideal for applications requiring high levels of security and privacy, such as e-voting (e.g., for decentralized governance), privacy-preserving regulatory compliance (e.g., AML/CFT checks), and cryptocurrency airdrops.

FENTEC: Functional Encryption Technologies
January 2018 - February 2021

The primary objective is the efficient and application-oriented development of functional encryption systems.  FENTEC’s team of cryptographers, software and hardware experts and information technology industry partners will document functional encryption needs of specific applications and subsequently design, develop, implement and demonstrate applied use of functional cryptography.

PRIViLEDGE: Privacy in Distributed Ledgers
January 2018 - June 2021
The goal of the proposed project is to develop cryptographic technologies for the protection of privacy in systems based on distributed ledgers. In more detail, the project targets development of cryptographic technologies for the following use cases:  - secure e-voting - distributed ledger for insurance - university diploma ledger - Cardano stake-based ledger.

Ox-Chain: Towards secure and trustworthy circular economies through distributed ledger technologies

(Led by ECA)

September 2016 - May 2020
The Ox-Chain project responds to specific challenges identified by global consultants McKinsey & Company for the UK based charity Oxfam that highlights how much value is lost within the existing business model, which currently sends between 70-80% of its received second hand clothes to a recycling centre. The research team propose that by using distributed ledger technology, such as the Blockchain that supports the Bitcoin digital currency, a different business model can be developed that involves the donors, the shoppers.

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