Elham Kashefi elected to the Royal Society of Edinburgh

[10/04/2022] Professor Elham Kashefi was appointed a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Photo of Elham Kashefi wearing a dark blue blouse with mesh panelling.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE), Scotland’s National Academy has announced its 2024 intake of 57 new Fellows from Scotland and beyond. They will be joining the RSE’s current Fellowship of around 1,800 Fellows, who are recognised as being some of the greatest thinkers, researchers and practitioners working in or with Scotland. 

Elham Kashefi is Professor of Quantum Computing at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, Director of the Edinburgh Quantum Software Lab and Directeur de recherche au CNRS at LIP6 Sorbonne Université. She co-founded the fields of quantum cloud computing and quantum computing verification and has pioneered a transdisciplinary interaction of hybrid quantum-classical solutions from theoretical investigation to actual experimental and industrial commercialisation. She is a Chief Scientist at the National Quantum Computing Centre. 

Among a raft of achievements, she developed the world’s first method for secure cloud quantum computing. She called her election “a thrilling opportunity.” 

Scottish universities have pioneered all aspects of quantum technologies for the last few decades. Only last year, we opened Quantum Software Lab (QSL) in partnership with the UK National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC), making Edinburgh one of the quantum capitals of the world. As the director of the QSL and NQCC Chief Scientist, I'm delighted to have the opportunity to utilise the RSE’s platform to bring the quantum wave beyond our academic circles, influencing policymakers. Our rich innovative ecosystem in Scotland will ensure everyone is aware and ready for this mind-blowing new emerging technology.

This year’s cohort of new Fellows is nominated for their excellence in a wide range of fields such as physics, chemistry, informatics, literature, law, social sciences, and business. They will be joining the 1,800 current Fellows of the RSE, Scotland’s National Academy. New Fellows have been elected from institutions from across the UK, including Dundee, Aberdeen, St Andrews, Stirling, Highlands and Islands, and from countries around the world including the Netherlands, Germany, USA, and China.

It is an immense honour to extend a warm welcome to each of our distinguished new Fellows. 

Individually, they embody exceptional dedication and accomplishment spanning multiple sectors and disciplines. Collectively, they demonstrate a profound commitment and determination to make meaningful contributions through their endeavours. 

From ground-breaking research that redefines our understanding to the creative pursuits that inspire and enrich our cultural landscape, the RSE proudly embraces the brightest minds, leveraging their unique expertise and perspectives for the betterment of society. 

As Scotland’s National Academy, we remain committed to mobilising a diverse array of expertise to confront society's most pressing challenges, and I am certain that our new Fellows will prove invaluable assets to the RSE.

Among prominent figures being elected this year are BAFTA and Emmy-winning satirist Armando Iannucci, award-winning journalist and charity founder Sally Magnusson, entrepreneur and philanthropist Dr Michael Welch OBE, Leonie Bell, Director of the V&A Dundee, and public health advocate Professor Jason Gill.  

15 leading University of Edinburgh experts from across a variety of fields are elected this year.

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