Elham Kashefi named Margaret Intrapreneur Europe in prestigious awards

[2021] Professor in Quantum Computing Elham Kashefi has won a les Margaret Award, an honour that recognises women who are changing the world and is supported by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Photo of Elham Kashefi wearing a dark blue blouse with mesh panelling.
Professor Elham Kashefi

Women's innovation movement JFD recently announced the winners of the les Margaret Awards 2021, which recognise and reward women's creativity, innovation and audacity in the digital sphere. Professor in Quantum Computing Elham Kashefi has been named the Margaret Intrapreneur Europe this year in response to her ground-breaking work in quantum cloud computing and quantum computing verification.

Elham Kashefi is Professor of Quantum Computing at the School of Informatics and Director of Research at Sorbonne University, France. She co-founded the fields of quantum cloud computing and quantum computing verification, and has pioneered a trans-disciplinary interaction of hybrid quantum-classical solutions from theoretical investigation all the way to actual experimental and industrial commercialisation.

Elham has vast experience both in academia and in industry. She is a co-founder of VeriQloud Ltd., a start-up based in France which develops applications and software for quantum networks, and has been awarded several UK, EU and US rants and fellowships for her work developing applications for quantum computing and communication. She served as the Associate Director of the NQIT Hub before being elected to lead the software activities within the quantum computing and simulation hub.

As a les Margaret Intrapreneur, Elham will receive:

  • Media visibility with a value of 1 million euros.
  • Mentoring & coaching: support for personal and professional development by JFD and its partners.
  • Public speaking opportunities in Europe and Africa.
  • One year JFD Club membership: network with more than 400 influential women.
  • JFD Box valued at 5,000 euros, including products and services from our partners.

About JFD

Founded in 2013 by the Bureau, JFD is a women's innovation movement that celebrates and connects women who are changing the world. The central aim of JFD is to inspire and encourage women-led innovation. In 2016 JFD formed an exclusive network for women innovating in the digital sector, named the JFD Club. Based in Paris and since 2019 in Libreville, Gabon, the JFD Club is a network of more than 400 influential women who meet throughout the year to share their ideas and network. In 2018, the Margaret Foundation was launched to support projects by committed women, notably by offering scholarships and training for young women wishing to move into innovation professions and raise their awareness of entrepreneurship.

Each year JFD present the les Margaret Awards, which celebrate women who dare, innovate, and undertake. The award is named after Margaret Hamilton, director of the software engineering division that developed the embedded software for NASA’s Apollo space programme. It is thanks to Margaret Hamilton’s contribution that man first walked on the Moon. Through the les Margaret Awards, JFD supports the growth and international influence of startups and initiatives led by European and African women.

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