Informatics Undergraduates secure Pioneer Funding for their Automated Customer Support Model

[2019] Justin Glibert and Jay Yeung are amongst the winners of Pioneer’s technological tournament, securing funding for their AI platform that provides automated customer support

Support for customer support

Glibert and Yeung worked with their partner Florian Muller to create their winning idea Clearcall, a service that maintains e-commerce companies’ customer support out-with business hours through ‘autopilot’-style AI software. Their service collects key data from customers about their reason for contacting customer support and turns this information into concise reports that will aid staff in their work the next day. Clearcall operates via phone, email and online chat, giving comprehensive coverage of all customer support channels so that a company can be always accessible.

Remote accelerator for talented individuals

Clearcall has gained funding and expert support through Pioneer, a fully remote accelerator that utilizes the global reach of the Internet to find talented individuals across the world and help them fulfil their potential. In order to secure funding from Pioneer candidates must compete in a month-long international tournament, presenting their project ideas and updating them each week. Candidates then vote for each other’s projects, along with subject experts, which are converted into scores that rank the projects on a leaderboard. The projects at the top of the leaderboard by the end of the month become Pioneers.

New Pioneers from Informatics

Glibert, Yeung and Muller’s idea won the support of Pioneer because Clearcall streamlines the customer support process, an area that e-commerce businesses typically spend a lot of time and money on. Their success sees them become Pioneers, giving them access to the private Pioneer online community as well as a variety of rewards including (but not limited to):

  • $1,000 spending money
  • $6,000 in Stellar lumens, including $1,000 completely unlocked and $5,000 locked up for two years
  • Free return transport to Silicon Valley, including air travel and transfers
  • $100,000 in Google Cloud credits
  • $100,000 in AWS credits

If a winning project grows into a fully-fledged company with investors, Pioneer will become one of these investors and offer up to 20% stake or $100,000.

We would like to congratulate Glibert, Yeung and Muller for their amazing achievement in becoming Pioneers, and wish them the best of luck with Clearcall.


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