Professor Leonid Libkin elected to Academia Europaea

[2015] Professor Leonid Libkin, Professor of Foundations of Data Management, has been elected to Academia Europæa, an eminent organisation for European scholars.

Academia Europæa (The Academy of Europe) is an academy of Humanities, Letters and Sciences, which supports the advancement and propagation of excellence in scholarship.

Membership is by invitation only and follows a rigorous peer review selection process, to ensure the scholarship and eminence of the individual in their chosen field.

Current membership stands at around 2,800 including 52 Nobel Laureates.

Professor Libkin is a member of our Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science.

His research interests include databases (query languages, relational, XML, graph data, constraints and design, data integration and exchange, incomplete information) and logic in computer science (especially finite model theory and automata theory).

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