EUFS AI Team win Formula Student UK AI competition for the third consecutive year

[2020] For the third time the University’s Formula Student AI team won the ADS Design and Class Awards for the best software and hardware design of an autonomous race car at the FS UK competition.

EUFS F1-style race car, green
A simulation of the race car that EUFS used to compete in this year's Formula Student UK competition.

Though this year’s physical competition, scheduled to take place at Silverstone, was cancelled, the usual competition events took place online. These events enabled teams from all over the world to showcase their race cars in terms of design, real world application, simulation development and business presentations.

By winning the overall ADS competition EUFS have now positioned themselves to be the first UK team to build an autonomous racing vehicle. Despite disruption caused by the pandemic, the team still hope to achieve this within the next year and thus take a driverless race car to the 2021 FS UK competition.

Students from a variety of cultural and academic backgrounds are involved in EUFS, and Informatics students have played an increasingly important role since the creation of the AI team three years ago. Today over 40% of EUFS’s active members have an Informatics background, reflecting the society’s shifting interest towards automated driving systems.


About EUFS

Edinburgh University Formula Student is a student-led society that design and construct an F1-style race car every year. Once assembled, the car is then tested against other vehicles from all over the world in a competition at Silverstone. The Edinburgh team brings together students from a diverse range of academic backgrounds including informatics, engineering, business and marketing. EUFS gives students the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice, experience being part of a model company and, for some, achieve a dream.

The society is comprised of two teams: Class 1, who build internal combustion (IC) and electric powertrain cars; and the AI team, whose aim is to build a driverless electric race car. The teams are united in their goal of designing and manufacturing reliable race cars that perform well in the Formula Student UK competition, which takes place annually. The Class 1 team are currently transitioning from IC cars to electric which means that both teams will soon be running electric vehicles, staying ahead of the curve in the motorsport industry and contributing to the development of the technology of the future.

Formula Student competition

Formula Student is the most established educational engineering competition in Europe. The competition aims to develop innovative, enterprising young engineers and encourage more students to pursue a career in engineering and its related areas. Each year, Formula Student welcomes over 100 university teams from around the world to Silverstone, to compete in both static and dynamic events that will test preparation and hard work. It is the hope that next year’s competition will be able to take place at Silverstone once again, rather than the online events that constituted this year’s competition.

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