Arun Raja

In 2021, Arun graduated with BSc Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. He tells about studying during the Covid-19 pandemic and the importance of friendship.

Name Arun Raja
Degree Title BSc Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science
Year of Graduation 2021

Your time at the University

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As cliched as it may sound, my time at Edinburgh was a roller coaster ride. I was awarded direct entry to the second year of my programme*, and it was pretty challenging to cope with my studies and adjust to a new lifestyle and city. However, what made this challenging journey a joy were the friendships I made. I really appreciated the community I had at Edinburgh, especially during my final year, which was completely remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though it was challenging to be physically distanced from my friends and the school community by thousands of miles, we always kept in touch and ensured that we were all coping well in the final phase of our degree.

Through the rigorous AI and Computer Science programme at Edinburgh, I have developed into a more knowledgeable and skilled researcher in Machine Learning.

I aspire to pursue a career in Machine Learning academia, and Edinburgh has provided me with a holistic experience comprising opportunities to do fundamental research and teach, which have better prepared me towards attaining my career goals.

Your experiences since leaving the University

After graduating in the summer of 2021, I joined the Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR, as a Machine Learning Research Engineer in the Data-Efficient Learning group.

This research stint is part of my journey as Singapore’s National Science Scholar. I was awarded the National Science Scholarship to pursue my undergraduate studies in Edinburgh, and this scholarship will be extended for my upcoming PhD.

My time in Edinburgh helped me discover my core research interests in Machine Learning which have driven me to pursue well-motivated and focused research.

Alumni Wisdom

There are three key takeaways from my undergraduate life at Edinburgh:

  • University is the best place to make long-lasting friendships. Cherish the friends you make and help each other out in challenging situations
  • Make sure to have a good study-life balance
  • Last but not least, pay forward. Actively give back to the community through the skills and knowledge you have gained at Edinburgh.

* Please note: The School of Informatics no longer allows second year entry

This article was first published in 2021. For updates on what Arun is doing now, find his LinkedIn below.

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