Informatics students win bronze again at NWERC

[21/12/2022] One More Try, a team from the School of Informatics were placed 9th out of 140, winning a bronze medal, at the Northwestern Europe Regional Contest 2022 (NWERC), an official regional contest in the International Collegiate Programming Contest. This is their second bronze medal in this competition.

Picture of Informatics students being awarded bronze at NWERC

NWERC is a contest in which teams from universities all over the Northwestern part of Europe are served a series of algorithmic problems. The goal of each team is to solve as many problems as possible within the 5-hour time limit. Potential solutions are submitted and corrected by an automated judging system. The teams that solve the most problems at the end of the contest qualify for the ICPC World Finals. 

The event was held online on from November 26th – 27th. 

The contest involves up to three teams per university qualifying from their sub-regional contest compete for medals. Two teams from the School of Informatics participated, with the second team (p(r)ogg(ram)ers) placing 89th. 

The bronze-winning team (Justas Zelnia, Nicholas Zhang and Robertas Norkus) returned to the competition also having won bronze last year. They were joined by first-timers: Ho Ning Leung, Carlos Rosuero and Henrich Hegedus. 

The problems in the contest require good knowledge of algorithms and data structures, as well as creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. 1 hour before the contest ends, the live scoreboard is frozen - meaning that the final problem solves and hence the final scoreboard would be revealed during the closing ceremony.

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