Undergraduate Students Win Filecoin Challenge in Spark University Hackathon

[2020] Students Stephen Waddell, Alex Shand, Mahbub Iftekhar and Michael Michaelides were part of Código, the winning team of the Filecoin and IPFS challenge at the Spark University Hackathon.

Waddell, Shand, Iftekhar and Michaelides collaborated with Bernard Choo of Nanyang Technological University to form Código and develop an Internet of Things (IoT) portal for firmware distribution, built using Filecoin. Their project was awarded first prize in a task sponsored by Filecoin at the Spark University Hackathon, which challenged them to build a dApp on Filecoin and IPFS (the InterPlanetary File System). Their prize was £1,500 and 300FIL.

Mentored by Informatics Associate Professor Paul Patras, the Código team built on an earlier Informatics MSc project by Sotiris Nanopoulos, the Código network, to create their IoT portal. They developed a decentralised web-app that combines with the Código network to create the first decentralised firmware distribution and collaboration service with built-in IoT device management.

Spark University Hackathon

Spark University Hackathon is an eight-week competition hosted by En[code], a community of university students, researchers and developers building in blockchain. The En[code] community comprises a University network of over forty institutions across six continents, as well as numerous partnerships with students clubs, societies, groups and academics. Their Hackathon competitions bring together participants from across academia including students, alumni and researchers to work on a range of blockchain development challenges. The Spark University Hackathon was their third and biggest ever event, with teams from six continents competing.

Spark University Hackathon poster featuring the En[code] logo, sponsor logos and a photo of the Radcliffe Camera, Oxford.

The Código team is currently continuing their project with a view to commercialisation and is looking for developers. Please get in touch if you are interested and/ or have any enquiries.

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