RSE Saltire Early Career Fellowship recipient joins Diego Oyarzun at the School of Informatics

[2021] Marielle Péré from the University of Edinburgh is one of 19 PhD students to receive a Saltire Early Career Fellowship from the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE).

Marielle Péré, University of Edinburgh

The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) has announced £1,805,000 in grants, funded by the Scottish Government, through the RSE Saltire Research Awards.

As recipient of the RSE Saltire Early Career Fellowship, Marielle Péré will visit Diego Oyarzun and his research team at the School of Informatics for 6 months.

Her work on developing artificial intelligence prediction methods will help combat a central challenge in the fight against chemotherapy-resistant cancers. The ability to predict resistance is a missing step in precision cancer diagnosis and treatment. Using a data-driven approach her research will draw on machine learning and modelling methods to contribute to increasing our predictive power when shaping cancer treatments.

The purpose of the RSE saltire early career Fellowships is to provide PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, and Early Career Researchers with an opportunity to focus on a research project of their choice in a university or research institute in another country, thereby supporting career development and high-quality research production through European connections and collaboration via inbound/outbound research placements.


This award is a huge step for my career and a very strong sign of the RSE’s commitment to support multidisciplinary research. In my project I will use cutting edge AI methods to understand why tumours become resistant to chemotherapy, and a step towards a new strategy for personalized cancer therapy that we hope to move into the clinic soon. I am very excited to join Diego Oyarzun and his team at the University of Edinburgh.

Marielle Péré
University of Edinburgh

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