Changemakers from Informatics

[05/05/2023] Jonathan MacBride and Mitchell Hunter from the School of Informatics are among the University staff recognised for going above and beyond to make the University more sustainable, or to inspire others to make change.

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Headshot photograph of Jonathan MacBride
Jonathan MacBride, School of Informatics

The University of Edinburgh Social Responsibility and Sustainability Changemaker Award panel have announced 32 University staff, students, societies and groups as this year’s award recipients, with a further two societies and networks receiving highly commended recognition.  

The Changemaker Award recognises current students and staff who have made a noticeable positive impact by: undertaking an impactful socially responsible or sustainable project; or by inspiring others to act in a more socially responsible or sustainable way. 

Jonathan MacBride

Jonathan’s contributions to making the University a better place for LGBTQ+ people are the very definition of going above and beyond. As a tireless activist and an invaluable ally, he has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership in his work for the Staff Pride Network. As Social & Events Co-Officer for the Network he ensures that events are as accessible, engaging and impactful as possible.

Photograph of Mitchell Hunter
Mitchell Hunter, School of Informatics

Mitchell Hunter

Mitchell is a lead sustainability champion within the School of Informatics. He has dedicated his time to ensure the effective reuse and recycling of equipment (collaborating with Edinburgh Remakery) and in doing so has inspired others to take positive action. 

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