RSE Honours Chair in Design Informatics in 2020 Fellowship List

[2020] Professor Chris Speed, Chair of Design Informatics based at the Bayes Centre, has been named a Fellow by the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) in their latest election.

Chris Speed

The RSE is Scotland's National Academy and their Fellows are leading thinkers and experts from Scotland, chosen in acknowledgement of the significant impact their work has had on our nation. RSE Fellows volunteer their time and expertise in the name of the Academy's mission 'Knowledge Made USeful', and thus play a fundamental role in enhancing the cultural, economic and social well-being of Scotland and the wider world. This new intake of Fellows will join the current roll of around 1,600, together representing the broad spectrum of physical and life sciences, humanities, social sciences, education, professions, industry, business and public life.

Professor Chris Speed is the current Chair of Design Informatics, based at the Bayes Centre, and leads the Design Informatics Research Centre where his research revolves around the Network Society, Digital Art and Technology, and The Internet of Things. His work takes the form of a critical enquiry into how network technology can engage with the fields of art, design and social experience through a variety of international digital art exhibitions, funded research projects, books, journals, and conferences. Chris's current work consists of funded projects that contend with the flow of food across cities, an internet of cars, turning printers into clocks and a persistant argument that chickens are actually robots. 

Chris is a co-organiser compére for the Edinburgh 'This Happened' events and is a co-editor for the journal Ubiquity. He was the Principal Investigator on a variety of projects, including:

  • The TOTeM Project - Investigation into social memory within the 'Internet of Things', funded by the Digital Economy and the (related) Research in the Wild grant: Internet of Second Hand Things
  • iPhone app Walking Through Time - JISC-funded app development that overlays contemporary Google maps with historical maps
  • Community Web2.0 - Creative control through hacking, a feasibility study into parallels between virtual society (Internet) and actual society (communities)
  • The Travel Behaviours Network - Funded by the RCUK Energy theme

Chris is joined on the RSE Fellows list by Professor Mari Ostendorf, Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering at the University of Washington, who has been named a Corresponding Fellow in this year's list. Mari gave the Distinguished Jon Oberlander Memorial lecture in December 2019 here at Informatics, in which she discussed Contextualised Language Processing with Explicit Representations of Context. We would like to congratulate all of the new RSE Fellows featured on this year's list, including both Chris and Mari.

RSE Fellows 2020

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