Ex-Informatics Professor Wins CONCUR Test-of-Time Award

[2020] Colin Stirling, recently-retired professor at the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science, is a co-author of one of the winners of the Test-of-Time Award at this year's International Conference on Concurrency Theory (CONCUR).

Colin's winning paper "Bisimulation Equivalence is Decidable for all Context-Free Processes" was a collaborative project with Søren Christensen and Hans Hüttel, and won the award for developing and simplifying the work of Baeton, Bergstra and Klop. The CONCUR Test-of-Time Award jury describe the paper as follows:

The CONCUR'92 paper has paved the way to further decidability and complexity results for a variety of classes of infinite-state processes. This includes the 2-EXPTIME algorithm for bisimilarity over BPA presented by Burkart, Caucal and Steffen in a paper published at MFCS 1995, and the work by Senizergues in papers at FOCS 1998 and in the SIAM Journal on Computing in 2005, presenting decidability results for all 'equational graphs' with finite out-degree.

Taken from the CONCUR Test of Time Award winnders 2020 webpage

The CONCUR Test of Time Awards draw attention to important achievements in Concurrency Theory that have stood the test of time, and the winners are chosen from all papers published at the CONCUR conference between 1990 and 1995. 2020 marks the first edition of the Test-of-Time Award, the winners of which were chosen by a jury comprised of Luca Aceto (Chair), Jos Baeten, Patricia Bouyer-Decitre, Holger Hermanns, and Alexandra Silva. We are glad that Colin Stirling continues to receive recognition for his amazing work, even in retirement.

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