Informatics Tutoring Scheme

Informatics Tutoring Scheme is a project in which Informatics students support Scottish Computer Science and Maths exam-level high school students through small group online tutorial sessions.

The scheme is aimed at Scottish secondary School, with a priority for the schools with greatest needs: in SIMD20 areas, or ones that are facing serious obstacles with providing their high school students with support their need. 

Our exam results were significantly higher than expected this year and I would credit the tutoring scheme as playing a big part in this.  Several pupils participating in the scheme achieved higher grades than particular, and more than one passed their Nat5 where they had been expected only to achieve Nat4. I believe that participation in the scheme had led to those pupils showing increased confidence and interest in the subject.  

Computer Science teacher from a School that participated in the scheme in 2022

Being an Informatics Tutor is a rewarding experience for I could always make positive impact on my tutees by helping them on both specific questions related to computer science and general questions related to their future study and career

Although it usually makes me nervous before the sessions, once I started speaking and had the ‘momentum’ going, I realized that public speaking is not as hard as I perceived, and I was able to focus more on delivering the content than worrying about not speaking well or making mistakes.

While I have always considered my teamwork to be a strength of mine, these tutoring sessions have allowed me to appreciate teamwork from a different perspective: where one member of a team is expected to be a mentor of another.

Informatics Tutoring Scheme tutors