The School of Informatics welcomes two new Chancellors Fellows

[27/04/2023] A group of outstanding early career researchers have been awarded one of the University of Edinburgh’s most prestigious fellowships. Amongst those new Chancellors Fellows are Craig Innes and Jeff Dalton who will be joining the School of Informatics this summer.

The Chancellor’s Fellows is a five-year tenure track that invests in researchers delivering cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and innovation.

My research aims at improving the trustworthiness and safety of cyber-physical systems such as autonomous vehicles and AI-assisted medical devices. My work investigates how current statistical machine learning methods can be combined with formal verification & reasoning techniques, and how simulated environments can be leveraged to assess risk.

Craig Innes

My research will focus on the future of conversational information assistants, like Siri, Alexa, and ChatGPT that work with us – and with each other – to accomplish complex real-world tasks for individuals, teams, and society. Toward these goals, the research will develop new deep learning models for interactive information retrieval and neural language models to support increasingly complex tasks.

Jeff Dalton
Photo of Craig Innes and Jeff Dalton
Craig Innes (left) and Jeff Dalton (right)

The University has awarded Chancellor’s Fellowships since 2014. They are designed to help the most promising academics advance from the early stages of their career to more senior roles, and to empower their ground-breaking research.

They are for academics with a vision for future leadership in research and innovation, which may straddle leading a major area of research, forging new industry partnerships, or research-led teaching innovations.

The new fellows will be supported to achieve their research and leadership ambitions through a tailored programme that helps them realise their research, innovation and leadership ambitions.

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