IoT Education Kit compiled by Paul Patras now available via Arm University Program

[2021] Paul Patras has designed and compiled an education kit introducing students to key concepts in the area of Internet of Things (IoT), which is available through the Arm University Program.

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Paul Patras

The IoT Education Kit was launched in July 2020 and is part of the Arm University Program, a scheme to give students all over the world access to the latest technology from Arm through materials prepared by academic experts. The Arm University Program combines Computer Science theory with practical applications in the real world, and the Kits include lecture slides and interactive materials such as quizzes.

Paul’s Education Kit explores the transformative ways in which the internet, mobile and sensor technology come together to make the Internet of Things, and teaches the skills needed to be a part of IoT development. The course introduces fundamental concepts such as embedded systems, networking, cloud computing, data analytics and security; understanding all of these is essential to designing and maintaining IoT systems and applications. The kit also provides students with practical experience in creating smartphone apps and controlling wearable devices using the Arm Mbed platform and Android SDK.

Because the IoT Education Kit comprises both theoretical and practical learning outcomes, its contents are particularly pertinent to students in countries where access to quality education resources is variable, leading to a shortage of skilled engineers, and where IoT can have the greatest impact in sectors like agriculture, energy and healthcare. By encouraging students to apply their knowledge in a practical setting, the kit helps to prepare them for employment and improve their future prospects.

Arm have been long-time collaborators and I am grateful for their continuous support of my team's research. They also run the Arm University Program, through which they offer so-called 'education kits' to academic institutions worldwide that teach courses with a practical component involving hardware/embedded systems powered by the Arm ecosystem.

The Arm Education team was made aware of the IoTSSC course I teach at the University of Edinburgh by their Director of Research Ecosystem, who is familiar with my research and teaching. As the adoption of IoT technology continues to grow rapidly, along with the need for engineers trained in this area, Arm was keen to have an IoT education offering similar to my course. Hence, they asked me if I could design a complete module, with teaching slides, lab manuals, and code solutions, which I was delighted to do.

Paul Patras
Author of the Internet of Things Education Kit

Since the launch of the IoT Education Kit in July last year around ninety Universities have requested access, spanning twenty-six countries and five continents. India is the country with the highest number of access requests, accounting for almost half. While some universities request only the IoT Education Kit, many combine the course with the Embedded Systems Kit as a multiple education kit donation request.

Arm University Program Education Kits

To help faculty teach the latest technology from Arm and its ecosystem, the Arm University Program has developed a suite of Education Kits in a range of core subjects relevant to Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Computer Science and beyond.  An Education Kit comprises a full set of teaching materials including lecture slides and lab manuals with solutions. Twelve Education Kits are available through the Arm University Program including the IoT Kit: other topics include Efficient Embedded Systems Design and Programming, Introduction to Robotic Systems and Graphics and Mobile Gaming.

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