Informatics Rooms Booking

The Informatics Forum offers several versatile event spaces for hire, all conveniently located on the ground floor. Our facilities include a large conference room, an open atrium, and a fully equipped industrial kitchen.

The Informatics Forum has two rentable function spaces, both located on the ground floor located by reception.


G.07/A offers a spacious and versatile area suitable for a variety of events. Optional partitions provide the flexibility to divide the room into two separate spaces. Please find layout options and corresponding capacities listed below.

Atrium and Café

The Atrium is the central hub of our building, welcoming all visitors as they enter through the front doors. Primarily used for catering and networking, this space complements events held in G.07/A. The Atrium perfect for registration, networking, catering, exhibitors, or poster boards.


Our industrial kitchen is fully equipped with a commercial cooker, oven, refrigerator, and additional appliances. This space is available for hire, providing caterers with a professional environment to prepare meals for events.






U - Shaped

Room size m2

G.07 & G.07A**





















* Thoroughfare space; private bookings must be prepared to allow access for student and staff use.

** Space accessible by thoroughfare space

The Informatics Forum core business opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am until 5.00 pm.

Events or meetings organised out with these hours will require mandatory servitorial cover, there will be a cost for servitorial cover paid to estates separately.

Cover must be requested upon booking confirmation.

The School of Informatics follows the University of Edinburgh guidelines on the use of suppliers in the Informatics Forum.

Edinburgh First and Blue Sky are the School of Informatics preferred caterers; events or meetings wish to use alternative caterers require InfEvents approval.

Any caterer using the professional kitchen must have a risk assessment/compliance in place with the School's Health and Safety manager.

It is the Event Controller's responsibility to maintain the space's cleanliness during and after the event or meeting. Rooms are cleaned each weekday in the morning; additional cleaning services can be arranged through the cleaning services supervisor.

Please note that additional cleaning services may incur a charge which must be borne by the event organiser.

AV support is not provided for non-school events, please discuss any AV requirements with the InfEvents team if you have any queries.


What’s included?

  • 2 Projectors
  • Fixed Video Conferencing Camera
  • 2 lapel microphones
  • 1 handheld microphone
  • Windows 10, Desktop
  • HDMI Connectively

Upon consultation external AV support can be brought in as long as it does not interfere with our system.

The School of Informatics are not responsible for any damage to external equipment that may have been used. In situ AV does not come with any warranty. External organisers should arrange their own AV for important events.

A range of furniture is available free of charge, additional furniture can be hired in at the cost to the event organiser.

To hire any additional furniture, contact Informatics events team for approved suppliers.


  • Half day: £500
  • Full day: £800
  • Evening: £500


  • Half day: £200
  • Full day: £300
  • Evening: £200


  • Per day: £200 + cleaning*

*Cleaning fee is case-by-case and will be charged after the event.

Alternative rates are available for not-for-profit or internal events only.

Charges are for space and in situ furniture hire only and are subject to VAT, where applicable.

In situ, audio-visual facilities may be used. However, no warranty or technical support is provided (beyond a briefing on using the controls).

Any technical services provided (including repositioning floor boxes with power and data points) will be charged in addition to the above.

Events requiring access before 8:30 am, after 5:00 pm, or at any time at the weekend will require servitorial cover for reception, which must be arranged through the University servitorial service at the cost of the event organisers.

Only approved catering contractors may use the kitchen (see the Informatics Events policy).

If it is identified that the event will necessitate additional cleaning, this should be arranged with the university’s cleaners and will be at the event organiser’s cost. Catering contractors will be responsible for the cleaning of the kitchen where used. The above information should be read with the School’s full events policy.

Informatics policy on events (PDF)

InfEvents is a small team that manages the Informatics Forum ground floor and mini forum spaces. To inquire about availability or request booking a function at the Informatics Forum, complete the below form with as many details as possible.

Upon the booking form review, InfEvents will be in contact to communicate venue suitability, availability, and next steps.

Please note: bookings are not confirmed until a member of InfEvents confirms the booking and risk assessment has been approved.

Link to Room Booking Application Form