SDP Course Trade Fair replaced by Online Showcase

[2020] Not even a global pandemic can stop the final of the System Design Project. This year the Trade Fair where third-year students usually exhibit their group projects has been swapped for an online showcase.


Every year 3rd year Informatics students participate in the System Design Project course - a group project intended to give students practical experience of building a large scale system, working as a team and documenting and presenting a project.

The course ends with the annual System Design Project Trade Fair, where the student teams present the systems they have built for the course to industry guests, as well as any interested member of staff who dropped by.

Louis, the Braillant Assistant

SDP Final Goes Virtual for 2020

This year the course is operating a little differently – each group will present their work in the form of a promotional website, which external judges and Informatics staff and students will be able to look at, comment on, ask questions about and pick their favourites. The final day for the SDP online showcase will be Friday, 10th April 2020.

2020 Winners

Omni-opener, automated multitool

First Prize (from KAL)



Smart lock and reminder system

Second Prize (from Amazon)


The Braillant Assistant


Third Prize (from Dyson)


Automated multi-functional tool that assists with opening jars and bottles

Honourable mention (from UserTesting)


Dynamic Online Translation Service

MarcoPolo, object retrieval and delivery robot

Honourable mention (from GitHub)


Autonomous and educational plant care robot

BDE Award


Smart lock and reminder system

Technician's Award


Automated multi-functional tool that assists with opening jars and bottles

People's Choice

MarcoPolo by McJafa

Shelf-based object retrieval system and delivery robot

Congratulations not only to the winning teams but everyone that took part in this year's online showcase. The projects showed great creativity and innovation, and the students should be very proud of what they managed to acheive under difficult circumstances.

The History of SDP

SDP’s history predates the establishment of the School of Informatics. It’s more than a taught course; it’s an institution within Informatics. The system to be designed in the project has varied over the years from robot shopping through Mars lander, robot mine clearance, robot football to assistive robotics.

This year's task was to design and build an assistive robot device and its corresponding software interface. Students were divided into twenty groups of ten and worked together towards self-proposed goals. They have developed a great variety of fantastic projects for a variety of domains. Related links