Research Groups

Research groups and projects connected to the theme of Computer Systems.

Compiler and Architecture Design Group

Interested in how compiler and architecture technology can lead to better performance in parallel, high-performance, and application-specific computer systems, as well as developing theory and optimisation techniques for both compilers and architecture, especially the interaction between the two.

Compiler Architecture Design Group

Structured Parallelism Group

The Structured Parallelism Group is interested in the structure of parallel computation. In the sequential world, high level structuring and abstraction mechanisms have superseded simpler primitive concepts. They believe that analogous mechanisms and models must be developed to allow parallel computing to enjoy similar success.

Structured Parallelism Group

Edinburgh Networks Research Group

The Edinburgh Networks Research Group focuses on addressing research problems in data networking and distributed systems. Its key research areas include: wireless networks and mobile systems, data center networks, software-defined networking, sensor networks and complex networks.

Edinburgh Networks Research Group

ARM Centre of Excellence

The ARM Centre of Excellence is a research initiative in the area of software for heterogeneous multi-core computing. It focusses on developing innovative compiler and runtime approaches that can adapt to architectural evolution providing low-energy, high performance data center scale computing.

ARM Centre of Excellence

PASTA Project

The PASTA project seeks to automate the design and optimisation of customisable embedded processors by creating tools that are able to learn about the physical characteristics of the underlying silicon technology, and use that knowledge to synthesise the structure of an embedded processor.

PASTA Project

Security, Privacy and Trust Group

A broad group of researchers whose expertise ranges from cryptography and formal verification to human factors and social aspects. Their interdisciplinary work pools expertise from Informatics and other disciplines, represented by the Edinburgh Cyber Security, Privacy and Trust Institute which hosts the University's UK Government-recognised Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR).

Security and Privacy Group

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