Student societies

Our School hosts student-led societies, groups and teams covering a wide range of interests that are open to all. From tech societies to intramural sports teams, there's something for everyone.

Students at a Hackathon

Whether you’re interested in getting hands on experience of innovative projects, or want to meet other students with shared interests, we have a community for you.

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CompSoc Edinburgh is Scotland’s largest tech society – run by students at the University of Edinburgh. Our society is a diverse community of computer scientists, programmers, and people who are passionate about the IT industry. People come to us for support in all thing's technology – we are the technology hub of the university. 

We host monthly Student Tech Meetups, regular workshops, and quite a few social events with a touch of Computer Science culture. CompSoc also organises one of the largest hackathons in the country, Hack the Burgh - with over 150 attendees coming from around the world. 

We have several special interest groups (SIGs) who focus on more specific aspects of computing.  

You can also find out more about CompSoc via their website  

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Edinburgh Hoppers (the Hoppers), our student-run women and gender minorities in technology group, has been going strong since September 2005. They organise a variety of events such as workshops, tech talks and socials, often in collaboration with various companies. Hoppers create a community for women in Informatics. The group is named after computer science pioneer Grace Hopper.

Hoppers Facebook group

Hoppers website 

A group of 2nd and 3rd year students guiding you through challenges with course material and helping you to apply your knowledge in new situations to strengthen your understanding.

InfPals host workshops throughout the academic year focusing on course material, industry and academic skills, projects and pastoral support.

Session Information

InfPals website 

Our subject-related societies allow you to meet students with shared interests for socialising, professional networking, and collaboration.

  • Beneficial AI - a society dedicated to Artificial Intelligence that positively impacts humankind
  • EdIntelligence - a society dedicated to Machine Learning
  • Programming Club - a society that provides weekly meetup opportunities to get practical programming experience
  • HumanED - a society dedicated to researching and creating robotic limbs, Humanoid robots and exoskeletons.
  • Endeavour - a society dedicated to developing rocket and space technology
  • EUFS (Edinburgh University Formula Student) - a society dedicated to constructing an F1-style race car
  • Hyped - a society dedicated to accelerating the development of Hyperloop and implementing the technology in the UK
  • FinTech - a society that focuses on Financial Technology
  • Eclipse eSports - Edinburgh University eSports team
  • Women in STEM - a society for Women in STEM Subjects

We have School-specific sports teams in addition to the range of University sports teams you can join.

For more information, join the WhatsApp community.

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