Zi Yu Choo

Zi Yu Choo is going into her second year studying BEng Electronics and Computer Science.

Why did you choose to study in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh seemed to be the perfect place to be in. The city is filled with beautiful attractions such as the Princes Street Gardens, Victoria Street and Arthur's Seat. It is a safe city to be in, so I would not have to constantly worry about my personal safety.

The University of Edinburgh offers various activities for students to participate in outside of their studies such as societies, clubs and events. The prestigious academic reputation was what sold me to study in Edinburgh. I wanted to be in a positive environment where people around me were driven to achieve goals similar to my own.

Photo of Zi Yu

Why did you choose to study Informatics?

I was drawn to studying Informatics as I was intrigued by the way we could use data to solve real world problems. I wanted to create projects with peers in the field that would leave a significant impact on the world and shape the future.

What do you do for fun?

During my free time, I would cook cuisines from different countries and share them with my friends. I also enjoy reading books to relax. To keep myself in shape, I love going to the swimming pool after classes.

Any tips for prospective students?

While learning might be important, learning how to have fun is equally as important!