Brian Kim

Brian is in his 2nd year studying for a BSc in Computer Science.

Why did you choose to study in Edinburgh?

Coming from a larger, busier, and taller city, I've come to appreciate Edinburgh for its sense of community and the friendliness of the people here. The city has history and it shows in the architecture. While skewed towards retaining and preserving the heritage, there are plenty of parts that integrate the vintage look while reminding you it is the 21st century.

Why did you choose to study Informatics?

Having started in another degree, transferring into Informatics was a decision I came to after seeing the facilities and interests groups that surround the College. Informatics and CompSoc have many connections to special interest groups that can help develop new or existing passions. The vast majority of the people you meet in Informatics will be nerds, absolutely passionate about what it is that they are studying or doing on the side.

What do you do for fun?

Archery, Performance, Food, Music, etc.

  • Don't sleep on the sports side of Edinburgh; Pleasance gym and the clubs should help introduce a side of Edinburgh besides the degree.
  • Considered doing magic as a side hustle, but it was only after joining the society and seeing the Fringe that I realised how much there is to see and do in Edinburgh. There are parts worth experiencing as a tourist before you start complaining about them.
  • There is better and better food showing up around the city and I would heavily recommend checking out the local options before going to Starbucks.
  • Nightclubs were good but depending on where you're coming from you'll want to find places that suit you. Options outside of Top 50 and ABBA exist, just find people and places you vibe with :)

Any tips for prospective students?

Figure out what a life-work balance means for you so that you can enjoy life outside of the academic side of university. The 4 years give you time to enjoy the first year enough that you can explore what it is you're wanting to do when not working towards the degree. Life comes first and looking at societies and sports clubs are a nice way to sport exploring your interests outside of informatics. As much as people like to say living in Appleton Tower is viable, it really isn't the best long-term solution. CompSoc and InfPALS will be great ways to start to learn more about Informatics and Edinburgh as you're getting settled. Don't be worried to ask for help, there are going to be plenty of people around.